Click the link below to begin completing the claim form.
Once the claim form is submitted, the claim will be opened.
Cardinal Point Insurance will contact you in the next couple of business days to begin the claim process.


  • What information will I need to complete the form?
    • Date of the incident
    • Insured Company Name, Primary Contact and Email
    • General summary of the incident
    • If some fields are not completed, Cardinal Point Insurance will be sure to collect all necessary information in a follow up initial claim call.
  • How do I know if my claim is valid?
    • Better safe than sorry. Complete the claims form and a representative with Cardinal Point Insurance will review the claim and follow up with an initial claim call to discuss the incident.
  • I am unsure what policy this claim would be covered under
    • Complete the claims form to your best ability. Cardinal Point Insurance will assess coverage and discuss in depth in the initial claim call.